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Join IBA Group and Camunda for a breakfast event that merges technology with strategy, providing essential insights for IT and business professionals. Learn how to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
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Our Process Orchestration Experts

Michael Levant

Camunda Partner Director

Tommaso Li Donni

Camunda Account Executive

Alexei Bolotin

IBA Group Senior Project Manager | Camunda Lead Expert

Why Attend?


Our Success Stories

Be inspired by real-life success stories and learn how organizations have transformed their operations with Camunda.

Insights from CamundaCon Berlin 2024

Gain insights from the recent CamundaCon in Berlin, where industry leaders shared their experiences, best practices, and success stories.

Discover Camunda

Learn why Camunda is exceptional and explore the latest features and enhancements that make it a game-changer in process automation.


Take advantage of the coffee break to network with peers, experts, and fellow enthusiasts, exchanging ideas and forging valuable connections.

Agenda Highlights

Camunda 8 Unleashed:
Advancing Workflow Management
Seamless RPA Integration
with Camunda Connectors
Is Automation Creating a Value Trap?
CamundaCon Berlin 2024 Recap:
Key Takeaways and Process Orchestration Stories
Onboarding Excellence:
Camunda Implementation with Connectors and RPA at the Helm

Who Will Benefit?

1. Business Leaders

Business leaders will benefit from gaining insights into how Camunda can drive process optimization, enhance collaboration between business and IT, and ultimately improve overall business performance.

3. Camunda Tech Leaders

IT experts will find value in learning about the latest features and capabilities of Camunda 8, as well as networking opportunities with peers and experts in the field.

2. Technology Enthusiasts

Those interested in the latest developments in workflow and decision automation will find Camunda Breakfast an excellent opportunity to stay updated on industry trends, innovations, and best practices.

4. Business Improvement Experts

Those who specialize in process improvement will benefit from exploring real-life success stories and case studies, gaining practical insights into how Camunda automation can revolutionize processes.

Our Partnership with Camunda

As a Camunda partner, we possess privileges such as access to a comprehensive knowledge base and specialized training. These advantages empower us to integrate cutting-edge techniques into our client solutions, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge.

Every member of our team is a certified Camunda platform developer, signifying expertise in business process optimization, orchestrating microservices/RPA, or integrating necessary systems through Camunda platform.

Let’s discuss business process innovation over breakfast

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